Summer Vacation-worthy Workouts in the St. Croix Valley

Summer Vacation-worthy Workouts in the St. Croix Valley

Stand up paddle boarding is a great fitness activity for balance and stability.

The St. Croix Valley is naturally equipped for outdoor adventure and exercise, and well-suited to a relaxed and social vibe. From the City of Trails to the Scenic Waterway to some out-of-the-way spots to discover, the St. Croix Valley has all the terrain (and gear!) you need for a fun and fit vacation with friends.

Hit the Ground Running

Running with a view. Photo courtesy of Linda Shober

There are so many trails in the St. Croix Valley, each with unique terrain and usage. St. Croix Falls, WI has been dubbed the City of Trails for its expansive web of pathways throughout the town, and Taylors Falls, on the other river bank, boasts nearly as many.

Interlink Trail Run, St. Croix Falls, WI

From Interstate Park in Wisconsin, the paved Interlink Trail pursues a north and east course for approximately 2 miles to connect with the Gandy Dancer Rail-Trail. From there, you can choose the crushed stone of the Gandy Dancer, which loops back to Interlink at the Polk County Information Center, or backtrack the same way you came. The moderately challenging uphill stretch is eased by views of the unique local landscape and rewarded by the downhill portion on the way back.

Railroad/Curtain Falls/River Trail Loop, Taylors Falls, MN

For runners with a bit more experience and a hankering for awe-inspiring views, this 5K loop has it all. The terrain includes a smattering of crushed rock, roots, stairs, hills and flat dirt, while the scenery takes you from woodland to bluffside, past a waterfall and glacial potholes, to a stretch along the St. Croix River. There are three trailheads, two located within Interstate Park and one behind the historic Taylors Falls Community Center.

The vista on the River Trail. Photo courtesy of Linda Shober

Stair Repeats is a fun challenge on a fitness vacation! Photo courtesy of Linda Shober

Cyclova XC Group Runs, St. Croix Falls, WI

Looking to kick off your Valley vacation with a trail run, but not sure where to start?  Cyclova XC Group Runs meet every Thursday during the summer and the trails chosen will be determined by the experience of the runners in attendance.

Find a group of like-minded people and they will push you. Photo courtesy of Jim Kelly.

Find your trail run/hike

The View from a Bike Seat

The City of Trails is not just for hikers. From the heart of St. Croix Falls, WI, spans a vast network of bike trails stemming from the city and continuing over rolling hills, through wooded forests, and across flat, open farm country.

Woolly Mountain Bike Trails

An extensive, always improving, ever-expanding network of mountain bike trails is maintained by the Woolly Bike Club in St. Croix Falls. Single- and double-track trails run right though the town and beyond. Check their event calendar for races and specialty rides this summer.

Choose Your Adventure. Photo courtesy of Wendy Lindemuth.

Big Oak Trail on the Woolly MTN bike trail. Photo courtesy of Sean Weinberg.

Gandy Dancer Rail-Trail

What once was a railroad line, is now a nature trail of hard-packed crushed limestone, ideal for biking. The Gandy Dancer, named for the railroad repair workers who rhythmically wielded their gandy tools in unison, originates in St. Croix Falls and spans 47 miles to Danbury, WI.

Find your bike trail

Rental link: Cyclova XC, St. Croix Falls, WI

Grab your guy friends and hit the trails! Photo courtesy of Linda Shober.

Master the Mighty Waters

Canoe or Kayak the St. Croix River

Whether you focus on your arms in a canoe or go for a bigger core workout in a kayak, the scenery is just as magnificent. Opt for an easier 6-mile paddle with breathtaking bluff views from either of the Interstate Parks to Osceola Landing or challenge yourself on the more northerly stretch which contains Class I and Class II rapids. From Sand Creek Landing it is about 14 miles to Highway 70 Landing, but there are many other entry points along this route (Norway Point, Nelsons, Head of the Rapids, Fox, Snake River, and Soderbeck) so you can tailor your trip to your schedule and stamina. It is about a 20-mile drive from Highway 70 Landing back to St. Croix Falls.

Work your arms with a good paddle down the river. Photo courtesy of Riverwood Canoe.

Paddleboard on Lake Alice, William O’Brien State Park, Marine on the St. Croix, MN

Stand-up paddlebaording is the fastest growing paddle sport in the nation. Maybe it’s because of its numerous physical benefits: it provides a combination of cardio and strength training for the entire body. Maybe it’s because it is low-impact exercise which makes it less likely to cause injury to joints, ligaments and tendons. Or perhaps it is because the rhythmic paddling motion and the soothing properties of water are a great stress reliever.

Find your balance. Photo courtesy of Jeni O'Brien.

Find your water trail

Rental links: Eric’s Canoe Renal, St Croix Falls, WI (canoe & kayak), Taylors Falls Canoe & Kayak Rental, Taylors Falls, MN, Riverwood Canoe & Kayak, Osceola, WI (canoe, kayak & stand-up paddleboard), William O’Brien State Park, Marine on the St. Croix, MN (stand-up paddleboard)

Dive In

The aerobic aspects of swimming get your heart pumping, while the natural resistance of the water works your core and tones your limbs without the stress of weights. Plus, it’s fun and relaxing!

You can "TRI" anything. Photo courtesy of Jeni O'Brien.

Lap Swimming, Osceola Aquatic Center, Osceola, WI, Chisago Lakes Community Pool, Lindstrom, MN

There’s just something so peaceful about swimming laps that sets the mind on a meditative journey. The echoes of regular aquatic center conversation that seem so loud on the pool deck fade away to virtual silence once you hit the water. The physical benefits and mental clarity that come with swimming make it an idyllic vacation workout.

Lake Swimming, Lake O’ the Dalles at Interstate Park, St. Croix Falls, WI

Alleviate tense muscles after a long day of adventure with a refreshing lake swim. Lake O’ the Dalles is a relatively shallow lake (12-foot maximum depth) and does not allow motorized watercraft, helping to keep the waters calm and safe. Hiking trails emerge on the beach making it easy to cool down or warm up with a beautiful nature walk.

Be Illuminated

Luminaries Retreat, St. Croix Falls, WI

Wellness for your entire being can be found at Luminaries Retreat. A typical day fluidly combines multiple forms of exercise in the bountiful beauty of the area, hands-on mealtime nutrition instruction that you can immediately eat, and seminars that enhance understanding of what fulfills you from a body, mind and soul perspective. Evenings are reserved for free time to explore the area or relax. Retreats are all-inclusive.

Group workouts are very motivating and inspiring! Photo courtesy of Luminaries Retreats.

Luminaries Lodging

If you’ve already got a firm grip on fitness and nutrition and just need a place to stay, Luminaries Lodging can accommodate groups up to ten in three unique apartments housed in a historic brick building. Located in the heart of downtown St. Croix Falls, just a short walk from the St. Croix riverfront, many local trailheads and several dining options.

Get your rest by staying overnight. Photo courtesy of Luminaries Retreats.

Fuel Your Body

After a great workout, you’ll need to refuel. On one hand, you might want to keep the health train rolling, but on the other hand, you’ve certainly earned a bit of indulgence. So, what’s it going to be? Naughty or nice?

Eat in, or take it to the trails! Photo courtesy of Juneberry Cafe.

There is an abundance of healthy options around town. Photo courtesy of Juneberry Cafe.

Nice – The Vegetarian, St. Croix Falls, WI

You won’t find any fries on this menu! Authentic, meatless Indian food ranges from mild to spicy and is served in a cozy, yet modern setting with local art on the wall.

Nice & Fast – Juneberry Café, Taylors Falls, MN

It’s fast food without the deep fryers and greasy grills. Easily grabbable food items, packaged ready to take on your adventure, please a variety of healthy eating lifestyles from gluten-free to organic to vegetarian to vegan.

A Little Naughty, A Little Nice – Our Place Café, St. Croix Falls, WI

Salads and sandwiches, burgers and fries, coffee cake and omelets…The menu features options to please those in your group seeking lighter fare as well as those craving satisfying comfort food.

Sweet Indulgence – Mama T’s Sweet Treats, St. Croix Falls, WI

Always a delightful surprise, Mama T’s stocks a rotating selection of delicious desserts like pies, cakes and cookies made from scratch from the fresh ingredients of the day. The same quality and freshness of their baked goods can also be found in their daily soup and panini specials.

Mama T's has treats that are worth every bite. Photo courtesy of Mama T's Sweet Treats.

Find your restaurant

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