What’s HOT? The early Spring melt.


Photo courtesy of Anne Marie Sinclear-Prokop.

The early spring melt. That’s WHAT’S HOT! Spring has come early to MN/WI and we can’t wait to get our summer activities such as hiking, biking and kayaking started.

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This is a perfect time to explore a trail by hiking. You’ll likely see things this time of year that don’t happen any other time. Rushing water, a melting frozen waterfall, and the start of spring plant life are just a few things you might see. There are many trails to hike in the area, click here for a few ideas.

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It’s also a great time to start riding your bike again. Gravel trails are perfect, such as the Gandy Dancer, which is a 98 mile trail that starts in St. Croix Falls near the Polk County Tourism Center and runs north, and the Stower Seven Lakes State Trail, which is a 14-mile trail that begins in Dresser at 90th Ave and runs east toward Amery, WI. It’s also a great time to hit the MTN bike trails for a little adventure. Keep in mind that although the Woolly MTN bike trails are open in the spring, that rainfall could make them unrideable. If your bike is making tracks in the mud, this is your signal to keep off until drier days.


Photo courtesy of Katie Weinberg.


And, how about getting that canoe or kayak in the water! Sure, the water is cold, but it’s great fun to say that paddle season has started in MARCH!


Spring Melt Kayak

Photo courtesy of our adventurous local paddler Tyler Norenberg. and his equally adventurous wife Mary.

Have fun, be safe, and enjoy our SPRING MELT!

We'll keep you posted on our early spring and the activities to come!

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