Fall Vacation in the St. Croix Valley

THE SECRET REASON TO VISIT THE ST.CROIX VALLEY THIS FALL Picture this…The mini-van is packed and your kids are supplied with enough snacks, drinks, activities and electronics to hopefully last them the hours and hours it will take to get to “Faraway Vacation Destination” . You’ve spent weeks getting ready for this family vacation, gone…
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50 “Things to Do” this summer in The St. Croix Valley

[caption id="attachment_2993" align="alignleft" width="960"] Paddleboat on the St. Croix River with Taylors Falls Scenic Boat Tours. Photo credit: Anne Sinclear-Prokop[/caption] With the official start of summer now underway, we thought we would put together a list of 50 things to do in the St. Croix Valley this summer! Some are more obvious. Some might take…
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Premier Hiking Trails Abound in the St. Croix River Valley

The thing I love the most about hiking is that it requires little more than the ability to pinpoint a good trail, lace up some sturdy shoes and you are off on an adventure. There is little to no equipment to purchase or haul, unless you like a good walking stick. The other great thing…
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