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5 tips for Hiking with Kids

Hit the trails! 5 plan-ahead tips to make family hikes fun, memorable, and safe. We are always looking for things to do as a family. Some of our best times together are spent on hiking trails, and there are plenty to choose from right near our St. Croix Valley home. Taylors Falls, MN, St. Croix…
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Fat Biking in St. Croix Falls, WI

A NEW TYPE OF WINTER ADVENTURE: FAT BIKING. A unique way of exploring the snow-covered trails has emerged in recent years and is growing HOT in the St. Croix Valley. Fat Bikes are a type of specialized mountain bike made for adventures on unstable terrain. These bikes are made to ride on snow-covered trails and…
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Best Winter Hikes in the St. Croix Valley

Hikes That Will Make You Wish Winter Would Last Forever. Why hike the St. Croix Valley in the winter? With summer walkers in hibernation, peace and solitude reign in the woodlands. Busy waters have stilled and are capped with sheets of ice that only the most ambitious currents can escape. Spectacular views are enhanced by…
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Winter Weekend Getaway in the St. Croix Valley

8 Ways to Frolic in the Flakes. The St. Croix River Valley knows how to celebrate winter. We welcome the snow, embrace the ice, and become close friends with the cold.  We cordially invite you to emerge from the stuffy indoors and join us in the clean, crisp air of the season.  With so many…
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