Monthly Archives: June 2019

5 ways to keep cool this summer in the St. Croix Valley

Summer is heating up! Here’s how to keep your cool in the heat and humidity.   1. Wild Mountain Water Park       Fun for all ages! Wild Adventure Island Imagine the rush of 350 gallons of water pouring out of a giant bucket over a small roof and onto your head. You have…
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Create Your Own Wine Tour of the St. Croix Valley!

Northern vineyards. Perfect wines. Castles. Take a wine tour through our St. Croix River Valley and be astounded at our local wineries!   Calling all wine enthusiasts…Are you ready for a great wine adventure?  Whether you like red, white, sweet, dry, aromatic, crisp, dense, complex, fruity, earthy, oaked or elegant wine the St. Croix River…
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