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FIND OUT THE SECRET REASON TO VISIT THE ST. CROIX VALLEY THIS FALL. Picture this…The mini-van is packed and your kids are supplied with enough snacks, drinks, activities and electronics to hopefully last them the hours and hours it will take to get to “Faraway Vacation Destination” . You’ve spent weeks getting ready for this family vacation, gone over the check list and finally it’s time to pull out and hit the road!  And then, minutes from home, you hear the the dreaded, “Are we there yet?”See more



We want to share what makes us special!

For starters, we have ALL of the adventure without the long drive. Here you can enjoy hiking, biking, skiing, live music, waterparks, zip lines, boating, fishing sightseeing, arts, shopping, dining, and much more; all within a 45 minute drive from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Plan to stay overnight. We are not just for day trips anymore!
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Create your own FALL WINE TOURS of the St. Croix Valley. Calling all wine enthusiasts…Are you ready for a great wine adventure?  Whether you like red, white, sweet, dry, aromatic, crisp, dense, complex, fruity, earthy, oaked or elegant wine the St. Croix Valley Wineries have it all.

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Signature Events

Mark your calendar! We’ve got fantastic area events that celebrate our history, community, and our natural resources.

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